NCCA Daily Prayer Guide

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. 
Jeremiah 33:3

01 Pray that people would be drawn to Jesus through the testimony of NCCA.

02 Pray for God’s continued protection, provision, and wisdom as we move forward

03 Pray that Board and Assoc. members would be united and intent on God’s purposes.

04 Pray for the miracle of a new school building.

05 Pray for NCCA’s testimony in the community as a responsible neighbor.

06 Pray for open doors to present the ministry of New Covenant Christian Academy

07 Pray for an increase in Association members who will share our educational vision.

08 Pray that NCCA will operate our ministry  to the honor and praise of God.

09 Pray that funding requests to various sources would meet with success.

10 Pray for God-honoring fundraising events that promote Christian education.

11 Pray for God’s guidance as we confront various problems and challenges.

12 Pray for effective and efficient utilization of curriculum content.

13 Pray that NCCA, Inc. will forge successful partnerships with those who can help us.

14 Pray for wisdom in the selection of curriculum enhancements.

15 Pray that God would raise up core donors to regularly support the ministry.

16 Pray for the children in our care to catch a vision of serving God with their lives.

17 Pray that God will provide competent, compelling, compassionate personnel for NCCA.

18 Pray for the health and safety of everyone associated with our ministry.

19 Pray that NCCA, Inc. will have willing volunteers to augment efforts as needed.

20 Pray that God will provide scholarship money for needy families.

21 Pray that NCCA students will develop caring hearts toward needy people.

22 Pray for a strong, cooperative partnership between homes, local churches, & NCCA.

23 Pray that God will help NCCA prepare the graduating class and alumni for on-going challenges.

24 Pray that New Covenant Christian Academy will be a beacon of God’s grace and truth.

25 Pray for wisdom in the development of Association and school programs.

26 Pray that we would be ever mindful of Satan’s schemes and keep on the full armor.

27 Pray that our parent education workshops would be well attended and very useful.

28 Pray that students at NCCA will work to their God-given potential with great results.

29 Pray for God to be exalted in all we say and do as we seek to bless Him and others.

30 Pray for the continued freedom to educate our children under God and for His glory.31 Pray that God’s grace will prevail so we can work together for wonderful results.