Library Policies

NCCA is proud to maintain a circulating library serving our students, faculty and staff. The NCCA Library is supported by donations of books, supplies and volunteer manpower.

Students in grades 1-12 are able to borrow books from the Library for a 2-week loan period during the school year.  Students may also visit the library at anytime with their teacher when the resources are needed for a particular project or classroom activity.  The Library is managed by a parent volunteer, Cydnie Adams.

Students have access to the Library as the classroom schedule permits.  The Librarian will also rotate books among the classrooms for easy access.

There is a $1.00 late fee charged each week for late returns. If materials are lost or damaged, the family will be billed for the replacement value.  You may restrict check-out privileges for your child by emailing the Librarian at 

Recommended Page Count by Grade
  • Kindergarten-1st Grade - 10-20 pages
  • 2nd-3rd Grades - 30-50 pages
  • 4th Grade - 60-75 pages
  • 5th-6th Grades - 80-100 pages
  • 7th-8th - 100 pages or more

Read and Succeed Program
 September  Hispanic Heritage Month - Related Topics & Authors
 October  History & Government
 November  Fiction Classics
 December  Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction
 January  Inspirational & Self-Improvement
 February  Black History Month - Related Topics & Authors
 March  Women's Month - Related Topics
 April  Science, Health & Environment
 May  Sports
 June  Top 3 Readers of the Year Announced!
Summer Reading Lists
-K-5 Reading List
-6th Grade Reading List
-7th Grade Reading List
-8th Grade Reading List
-High School Reading List
-Read & Succeed Form - K-1
-Read & Succeed Form - 2nd-5th
-Read & Succeed Form - Middle & High School
 Program Guidelines & Procedures
  • Student must complete (in his/her own hand) and submit a Read and Succeed form to the homeroom teacher for each book to be considered for program credit by the last school day of each month. Please ensure the student's full name and grade are on the form. Kindergarten students have requirements suited to their skills, see the form for details.
  • Late forms will be credited in the month they are received when genre may no longer be worth extra points.
  • Books must be of grade appropriate content and number of pages to receive credit.
  • Titles which qualify for the genre of the month earn 250 points, all others earn 100 points. Special titles may be announced that are worth bonus points, so check the Library bulletin board each month!
  • Books read more than once don't receive multiple credits.
  • Adults may participate and submit Read and Succeed forms to earn 100 points per title for the student of their choosing.