Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

New Covenant Christian Academy (NCCA) shares a space with First-Park Baptist Church.  We are located at 315 W. 7th Street, Plainfield, NJ, at the corner of Central Avenue - across the street from Black United Fund (BUF).

How long has the school been in existence?

NCCA proudly opened its doors on September 14th, 2006.

What are the school hours?

The NCCA school day is 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What grades are available at NCCA?

NCCA accepts students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. NCCA currently utilizes combined classes in the following configurations:

  • Kingergarten/1st Grade 
  • 2nd/3rd Grades 
  • 4th/5th Grades 
  • 6th/7th Grades 
  • 8th Grade 
  • 9th-12th Grades

Students are, however, learning curriculum on their appropriate grade level.

What curriculum are you using?

Click here to view the curriculum details.

Are uniforms required?

Yes, students are required to wear uniforms.  Please refer to dress code section in current Student Handbook.

What meals are served during the day?

NCCA offers a lunch program for a nominal fee with healthy meals provided by outside service providers.  Alternatively, students may bring their own lunch.  Students in the aftercare program may bring a snack.

Children will be provided with a menu of lunch options and information about the lunch ordering process on a weekly basis.