NCCA desires to offer a Christ-centered educational alternative that is committed to training academically equipped, spiritual minded leaders for the next generation.  There are several key components of our academic approach that we feel set us apart from other schools:
  • Curriculum - The curriculum at NCCA is a blended one, seeking to utilize the strengths of several recognized curricula.

  • Smaller Class Size - Teachers are most effective in smaller group environments.  NCCA  limits the size of our classes to no more than 16 children per teacher.

  • Longer School Day - The New Covenant school day is be 8:00 - 4:00pm.  This will allow teachers to spend unhurried time working with your child in a calmer, less hectic atmosphere.  The longer day also means less need for before and aftercare for many working parents.

  • World Language Program - We believe that our students must be fluent in Spanish to succeed in our changing communities.  Our language program will not only teach them vocabulary and grammar, but ensure the students are fluent enough to converse in the language.  Our community provides many opportunities for immersion and studying the language beyond what the textbook provides. Additional courses offered at the high school level.

  • Structured Aftercare - We are not providing a babysitting service at NCCA.  The after school program will provide a healthy mix of homework jumpstart, structure and fun for families who need this wrap-around service.